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We Would like to welcome all members to Silver Dragons a Guild that is For All Players Of The Game. If you like to PVP / PVE then your in the right Guild. : ) The Guild Is Full Of Friends and Family We are Glad that you Joined Our Family. 

Have Fun in the Game and Respect All players please Don't cause problems for the guild and please Don't bring Drama into the guild

We Hope You Enjoy Your Time In Silver Dragons Now Go Out and Have Fun.  

Guild Leader
Deputy Guild Leaders
Officers & Duties:
Treasurer: [GS]WILLOW / Supremum
Guild Event [GS]Velvet / [GS]WILLOW
ChaoticNutter and Reto-7

Plvling GRB Toon:.Crazy_Fighter & Insid3
Guild Site All Officers
Guild Recruitment ChaoticNutter and all officers
GRB Leader TixSpitfire

The Folowing players are Rank 3 [ Sub Officers ]

Reto-7 , -Emz.Nn- ,Mr.Walk2Sky,  Bhavani- [GS]Hurricane

They will be asssisting in duties with officers and new player orientation. They are players who are old officers or players that are set to be officers when a spot opens or when an officer needs a brake

Ok fellow SD members , pls register all the toon u have which r available for the guild to deploy for the GRB on tis post,just click on the link. . Also pls update your profile by listing all the toons u have in the guild,just click on your name on the top right corner n select Characters , once at your profile page , select Add Character n update watever toon u have tat r already in SD.Thank you for co-operation.

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